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Crescent Springs Strength & Conditioning is the premier physical training facility in Northern Kentucky. We specialize in nothing, but excel in everything.

What is Crescent Springs Strength & Conditioning?

Far from the conventional gym, CS S&C uses varied functional movements at high intensity to increase athletic ability across 10 measurable areas of fitness.  It has quickly been adopted by elite military and law enforcement personnel due to the incredible results.  The program is completely scalable, meaning you don’t need to have a 400 pound deadlift or 5 minute mile.  Because each individual has a different skill level, the load, duration, or amount of repetitions can be changed to fit your needs.  However, intensity will not be sacrificed for comfort.  The program is designed to be completely measurable, observable and repeatable.  Just like any other area of science, you shouldn’t trust results without the data to back it up. At CS S&C, we track your work and results to display that our programming is the best way to get in excellent shape.

What to Expect:

Crescent Springs Strength & Conditioning is more than just a gym.  You won’t find machines or mirrors. You won’t get locked into a long-term contract.  We have barbells dropping from overhead, loud music, and personal accountability. Every class is coached.  Most of all, we’re a community – a friendly group of normal guys and gals who meet a few times a week to compete and push each other to run faster, lift more, and sweat harder.

Consider it a cult . . . a very good-looking cult.